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CLIMB Theatre produced the Grandpa and Lucy play.

Designed to educate children and adults

how to better communicate with loved

ones who have memory loss.

CLIMB Theatre produced the Grandpa and Lucy animated Film. 

Hide and seek, army stories, and more, Grandpa

and Lucy teaches resiliency, empathy, compassion, and love. For students, adults, seniors, intergenerational organizations, churches, community centers, and schools, Grandpa and Lucy: The Animated Film is made for all communities and all ages! In addition to watching the film, CLIMB has created an InterACTION pack of offscreen activities to complete as you watch the five sections of the film. Once you have

watched the film through in the five parts, answer the question "What is one action

you can take in the next year be more resilient or to raise awareness and empathy around Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia?" and receive access to the

full-length version of the film! To purchase access to Grandpa and Lucy: The

Animated Film and the rest of the digital Grandpa and Lucy programming, visit:

                               View the Grandpa and Lucy play trailer: 





or call 612-889-4834 for more information.


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