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"This is a solidly lovely book written by a local high school freshman and illustrated by classmates. It incorporates some of the ACT on Alzheimer's Dementia Friends information and emphasizes the five key messages of Dementia Friends sessions. Would be a good introduction to elementary-and-early-middle-school-aged children who have a grandparent, a neighbor, etc., with dementia and a good read in conjunction with a Dementia Friends school session. Delighted that this is part of our library's resources, especially for our very active and enthusiastic ACT on ALZ group!"

“ I cannot say enough good things about this book and the author, Edie. I was so, so fortunate to be her mentor for this book which was her Girl Scouts Silver Award project- the feedback she received from the community when her story was in it's early drafts was overwhelmingly positive, and the responses from those who have this book in the published format continue to be nothing but rave reviews!
To see the final product and to hear stories of how many families and people of all ages are using this book to learn about dementia is absolutely reducing the stigma surrounding this disease and creating more opportunities for joyful and meaningful exchanges between people with dementia and their loved ones. If you are on the fence- BUY THIS BOOK!!! And, you'll probably want to order a few extra copies to give away...
Every family who has a loved one with dementia, every organization who serves older adults, every school and library should have extra copies of this book to read, use as a conversation starter, and share. It is currently in the process of being translated into Spanish, so stay tuned!
Thanks Edie for making your dream about the story of Grandpa and Lucy a reality! We need more people like you!!!.”

LOVE this book. It has been included in some Memory Kits we are sharing with our new Dementia Friendly city! Those will be loaned out and returned. project.”

A Tweet by Mary Margaret (@AlzJoyThruTears) in July 2018.


I just finished reading “Grandpa and Lucy” by 15 year old Edie Weinstein, of St Paul, MN, to my 8 year old granddaughter. The “unspoken” has finally presented itself in a loving, gentle, beautiful way, offering a compassionate understanding of what is happening to our “Bumpa”.   

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