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About the Book and Edie


Edie wrote this book as a Girl

Scout Silver Award project after 8th grade. Edie brought together a group of friends to illustrate this book. She wrote the story to educate youth about dementia.  Edie hopes it helps to bridge communication between those with memory loss and their family and friends.

- Edie Weinstein, Author -

 "I wrote this book about people with memory loss.  I hope it helps youth learn about dementia.  I want to make it more enjoyable for young people to talk to their relatives or other older friends with dementia.  Because dementia can make someone's world shrink, I hope this book helps families become closer and broaden their worlds."

When Edie first reads the book, the 5 key messages, and

then asks people to commit to one action item, those in the audience are considered dementia friend trained.  

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