A Very International Thanksgiving

It was no surprise that I would spend Thanksgiving away from my family this year. In fact, it was one of the first things I considered when I was deciding to move abroad. It just is not economically feasible to buy yet another plane ticket home, nor does it make any sense; I don’t have any time off from school, and I’ll be back for the winter holidays in less than three weeks.

So I decided about two weeks ago that since I couldn’t change the fact that I’d be away from family for Thanksgiving, I didn’t want to be moping around. Besides, how many people get to spend Thanksgiving abroad?!? Might as well make the most of it! Let’s have a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget. I texted ten of my friends: Thanksgiving get-together at my place! Bring whatever you would like to drink and be ready to have a fun night! Incidentally, most of my friends aren’t Americans, so they had never been to a Thanksgiving, but they were very excited to see a little bit of what it’s like.

I started planning my meal. I had to shop in stages because I could only buy what I could carry home on the bus, so I mapped out all of the ingredients I would need for each dish a week ahead of time and divided what I needed to buy into several trips, organizing it in order of what would go bad and buying shelf stable goods a week ahead of time, working my way towards the turkey and vegetables the day before Thanksgiving. Since my accommodation has no oven, I got ready-to-eat turkey slices--besides, the only other turkey that was available was a 25 lb frozen behemoth at Tesco, and I didn’t have a prayer of successfully preparing that, even with an oven. The real struggle was carrying home four kilograms of potatoes on Tuesday night, but I persevered in the name of Thanksgiving.

The day of Thanksgiving was a whirlwind.